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The Story Behind Our Tribe Name

In 2009 our team was in its first real growth spurt. We had a group of committed individuals who were all building actively. On one of our leadership calls, two of the gals expressed that they felt it was time to establish a team name. We led a collaborative brainstorming session and in that I asked them a few questions.

First, I asked: How would you describe what we do? The responses came in and we wrote them down… “We sprinkle information around and from that good things grow”, another responded “We help people get healthy through our products and a community experience”…. “We get paid to love on people”.

My 2nd question was: What do our products represent to you? They responded: “healthy, healing, preventative, empowering, good for the environment, on-going, lifestyle, vitality, life-long….”

The 3rd question was: How would you describe us as a team? They responded: “Collaborative, creative, fun, high energy, trusting, loving, working together, everyone has each other’s backs, building together, non-competitive, united by our mission….”

And then someone blurted out “We are kind of like honeybees! We work as a team, our products are magical like honey, we sprinkle information around just like pollen and from that good things happen,“ and then another gal jumped in and said “and the world cannot survive without honeybees. They need us!” ….. I smiled and then humbly shared, “Well, you’re not going to believe this but Melissa means honeybee in Greek!”…. and so it was born.

We have found pride in our name and built a culture modeled after honeybees and how they behave. The only difference here is that instead of there being 1 Queen Bee, we pride ourselves on developing multiple hives and Leaders. QB for us equates to Quarter Back. A leader who is in the field, leading the charge with the team and calling the plays for positive outcomes. Our team philosophy stems from the concept that in order to grow a team, you must learn how to be a true team player. Everyone contributes a little bit (some do a lot) and together we accomplish great things and impact many lives.

We hope you’ll join our hive and see what we are all about. There’s room for everyone and everyone is welcome! I can’t think of a time when a loving, healthy, and positive community could mean more than it does right now!

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