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Brief info

Danielle Colavito
Qualified National Marketing Director

"Soul Winner, Wellness Advocate, Urban Farmer. Helping other moms live healthy & whole!"

Danielle is an incredible leader, mother, and friend. She is currently home-schooling her 2 active boys and is a supportive wife to her husband, Keith. Together, they live in a New York suburb where they are an active part of their community, passionate about family, faith, sustainable living and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Danielle came into our community as a full time Event Planner and has since transitioned into a High Energy Health Advocate. She has made an incredible impact in an under-represented area, laying the framework for a beautiful team to emerge. She most recently stepped into the fitness world and completed her certification through Revelation Wellness®.

Click HERE to hear Danielle’s full story. It’s one you’ll be sure remember.