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Melissa Falco
National Marketing Director

"Living life out loud, on purpose, with heart, and a lot of grace."

Melissa is fascinated with people and how their brain works! She love nothing more than to see the lightbulb go off in them and watch their eyes light up as they discover something new, achieve a new milestone, share a win, or simply “get it”. Melissa is deeply fulfilled by helping others achieve their goals and dreams and it excites me to walk alongside people on their journey. Her biggest blessing in this experience has been the impact it has had on her family. These products, education and community support helped give her father an extra decade of life in his brave battle with cancer. Melissa believes they also are the reason her mother is with us today and she is honored to say that these products supported her through two healthy pregnancies, migraines, and so much more. Click on the sound file below to hear Melissa’s full story and learn how she “retired” into her life at 29!